Before I returned E.M. Forster's novel "The Longest Journey" to the library, a book that took me a while to get into it but that nevertheless ended up being very dear to me, I copied out the following quote.

E.M. Forster on what he calls the `teacup of experience┬┤ in his novel "The longest Journey":

"Oh, that teacup! To be taken at prayers, at friendship, at love, till we are quite sane, quite efficient, quite experienced, and quite useless to God or man. We must drink it, or we shall die.
But we need not drink it always. Here is our problem and our salvation. There comes a moment - God knows when - at which we can say: `I will experience no longer. I will create, I will be an experience.┬┤ But do to this we must be both acute and heroic. For it is not easy, after accepting six cups of tea, to throw the seventh in the face of the hostess."

I really really like it, the style and the metaphor of the teacup and all!


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