Today  I filled pages and pages of my diary, which had been neglected for a very long time. And for once, in my, if not continuous still respectable `career´ as a diary writer,  I didn't get distracted by words.
One can say that today was the day were honesty entered my diary. It was a good experience.

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Well, congrats? I've never had problems with honesty in my diary, so I can't really empathise. But writing in general can be a bitch and words can become enemies, so yeah, good for you! :D

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Well, it's not as if i've ever written any lies in my diary (wouldn't be much use;), but i often tended to try to put things `nicely´, or either stumbled over words or avoided to write some issues entirely out, and today it was just my pen flying over the paper writing what was or has been bothering me. It was like an emotional wash - up, so it certainly did me some good, I think!

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ich kenne das gefühl über die worte zu stolpern sehr gut. zumal ich nie weiß in welcher sprache ich schreiben soll.

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I really like the way that you write. I am glad that you didn't get distracted by words.

Your words on this day reminds me of a song by F. R. David called "Words" - he says "this is just a simple song" - sometimes
the simplest things,
he fears, are easiest missed.

Enjoy your day,



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