When I woke up today in the morning I craved some Mozart. I was especially in the mood to listen to his Entf├╝hrung, but I found Le Nozze first and put it on. Happy happy Mozart sound, how it instantly excited me!
Then, after a shower, the whole day lying ahead of me, I decided to go to a bookshop, just to find it closed. So I went into Designer clothes shops instead, dried on gorgeous vintage dresses that I decided were way too expensive for me, and instead bought a cute red & white dress for 30 Euros.

From: [identity profile] eumelkeks.livejournal.com

Oh, shopping. I don't do that often enough and I really mean it. *lol*

Red and white, hm? What is the cut like?

From: [identity profile] jagodasladoled.livejournal.com

Yes. Shopping can be so nice, sometimes ;)

I think of posting a picture of the dress when I get my camera (that I forget yesterday at a grill party) back, which should be on tuesday!


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