Today at nine o'clock in the morning my mother, Wilhelm and I paid our season's first visit to that emerald green lake to take a quick swim, just ten minutes or so by car from where we live.  We went  there a lot  last autumn.  The lake is surrounded by rocks and meadows that  now  are full with flowers and blooming trees.
In the afternoon I visited a Grace - Kelly - Exhibition, that featured a lot of very pretty photographs of her and a documentary film. I was with Nina, whom I had not seen in a very long time, and afterwards we had some Ice - cream. It has been very hot today, now it has cooled off and started raining and thundering.

I will probably leave the computer now and retire to bed to read either "Howard's End", which I have just started and that presently stresses me out a bit, though I can not say exactly why (-it's the characters, I think, somehow they talk too much and too quickly for my liking-), or instead start Isherwood's "Goodbye to Berlin".
But somehow I also feel reviewing David Leavitt's "While England Sleeps", a book that I finished reading the day before yesterday and that stirred me  a bit, before indulging in a new novel.
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