After some lazy days that had really felt like holidays my life got busy again: University demands its share with presentations and examinations, my free time is filled with family gatherings like my grand-fathers birthday today, meeting friends (I attended a lovely grill party a few days ago and a rather lame party yesterday), theater and opera - like for example Jean Genet's "The Maids" and a musical play about  Mozart's wife's family- and not to forget various films from Israel, for I have a course on that and therefore should see as many as possible of the films that are currently shown within an Israel retrospective. Tonight I saw one, but I didn't like it particularly. I've seen better before and no doubt there will be better to come.
What is cool that I have special conditions: Attending the course on Israeli film I only pay three Euros instead of five for the ticket. I only have to say my name in order to attain the reduction. I like that!

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You must have so much more cultural things going on in Vienna compared to other cities of the same size. Or maybe that is just how I see or want to see it ;)
Anyway, I HAVE to visit Vienna!


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