My eyes hurt from staring at the computer screen for too long. Tomorrow I have a classroom presentation that still is quite unstructured. And it's one a.m., there are still some things to do and I've to get up at seven. Why the hell have I been so lazy during the day???

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is ypur display LCD? my eyes hurt as well, at home I have a good dispaly with 100 hz, but at my job I have bad display and my eyes feel bad ))

good luck on your presentation! ))

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Unfortunatley I don't have a good display. I regret not having bought a LCD, I always envy those who have it!

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Danke schön! Es ist recht gut gegangen, nur hätt ich erwartet, dass ich mich danach erleichterter fühlen würde, als es tatsächlich der Fall war bzw. ist.

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Why the hell have I been so lazy during the day???

Because it was Sunday and it was so nice to do nothing?

Good luck with the presentation!

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Actually a friend was over at my place and we picked loads of cherries and baked a cherry pie and mixed a cocktails with white whine, elder juice and - guess what;)- cherries. So that part of the day was veeery nice!

It was only when she was gone in the late afternoon I wasted HOURS watching videos on YouTube, until it was very late and my eyes had gotten really sore and my conscious really bad for having not worked on my presentation during the day... Nevertheless it went quite well today :)

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Good luck with your presentation! I bet it went well :]
I'm such a procrastinator, it's unfunny. I spend most of my time complaining and panicking, then do all my work 2 mins before it's due ;D it's the same with studying for exams haha.

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Yeah, procrastination ahoy! I know exactly what you mean.

Another example: People keep asking me how many exams I will take at the (quickly approaching!) end of this term and I can only shrug my shoulders and answer: "How should I know?"
Because if there are more dates offered for the same exam I always decide like two days (or three, mostly) in advance if I'm definatley going to take it, and often start studying only one day before. Same with homeworks.
If I have fixed dates I'm always panicky and complaining long before it's due and put off the work nontheless.

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Haha precisely :DD No matter how many times I tell myself that I'll start studying for an exam atleast a week before, it's ALWAYS 2 days or 1 day before :/


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