I 've just returned from my trip to Croatia.  I spent the last week sitting on the apartment's terrace with sea-view and lying around on the beach, swimming and reading.

I finished Klaus Mann's "Mephisto", which was great,  I loved the style and everything about it and want to read more Klaus Mann, now.  I read "The Loved One" by Evelyn Waugh afterwards - whom I falsely believed to be a woman, by the way- and the book's quite hilarious. Really recommendable. The heroine's called Miss Thanatogenos and works as a cosmetician at cemetery that reads a bit like disneyland, and she's torn between two lovers, an American and  a Brit.Might bring some quotes another day.
And third I devoured "The Talented Mr. Ripley" by Patricia Highsmith, after a short interlude with Lily Prior's "La Cucina Italiana", which I had thought appropriate for the beach but ugh, I only managed half of it and then stopped. Too many things annoyed me.
But, let's turn the attention to Highsmith again. I love how real she makes the characters seem, at least to me. I'm undecided if I should read the other Ripley novels, though, although I very much enjoyed the book!

Tom Ripley here, Tom Ripley there, I kept my father up with the story of the first Ripley novel. And Tom Ripley slept in a car once, I said, so it doesn't matter if we sleep in the car the night we board the ferry.

And I have new proof that the world is indeed very small.


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