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Torchwood + Brownies + Port wine are three ingredients for an excellent evening, which I had yesterday with Vroni.

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Oh yes, it was! We watched the three first episodes of season one and the following evening continued with two more. It was very nice rewatching the eps + introducing a friend to Torchwood and watching her getting addicted to it :->

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Hi there! I was wondering if it would be ok if I added you? I'm Jackie, I'm 25, and from Kentucky. I post a lot of pictures and am pretty active.

oh and ps: my version would be doctor who + brownies + raspberry beer! Haha. (Torchwood isn't airing over here at the moment :( )

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Sure, I'll add you right back! You have very nice pictures at jour journal!

I've never watched Doctor Who so far, but it's definately on my watch-list. And the only fruit-flavoured beer I ever tasted was cherry beer in Brussels, which was very nice, by the way.



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