Comment to be added! I'll be happy to make new friends, just make sure we have some interest in common!

From: [identity profile]

Have you thought of backdating the entry? Because every new post you make will be on top of this one.

From: [identity profile]

hmm I just tried it but to which date to I backdate it so that it works... the faq didn't help me much...

From: [identity profile]

I hope you don't mind that I added you to my new lj account (windsecrets) ~ I'm going to be using that one a lot more than I ever used this one, lol :3 Hope to hear from you soon! &hearts

From: [identity profile]

i added you back!

(i owe you some answers on previous comments, i'll get back to them soon. I promise!)

From: [identity profile]

add mich endlich, sonst werd ich grantig!


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