La Sorbonne ou l'université Denis Diderot, c'est la question! The former sounds better, of course, for it's a well-known name. The latter on the other hand offers a master on "Identité, alterité" with quite an interest seeming programme. YES ! I'm thinking of studying in PARIS. I just don't know where.
To make matters more complicated there are different professors responsible for nominating Erasmus out-going canditates, so I don't know whether it's better to apply for both things or to settle for one. GAH! Desicions! 

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Take the uni that offers great classes in fields of study that interest you. The name isn't everything.

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Wow, Paris.. so cool :D I'd agree with the person above, you have to choose the Uni that suits you. But then again, the Sorbonne sounds amazing.


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