I just came across this quote in the community [livejournal.com profile] literaryquotes and found it post-worthy. I don't know the book it's taken from (although I might have heard of it), but I just love it when the following happens:

"The best moments in reading are when you come across something- a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things which you had thought special and particular to you. Now here it is, set down by someone else, a person who you have never met, someone even who is long dead. And it is as if a hand has come out, and taken yours. "

-Hector, 'The History Boys', Alan Bennett

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( Apr. 22nd, 2009 12:29 pm)
For once, I really liked a Facebook quiz.

I took the Which fairy tale character are you? test and got Little Red Riding Hood as a result, along with the following lines...

"Little Red Riding Hood:

You are devoted to family, but don't always listen to their advice. You are quite poor at recognizing people if they look just a little different. You are quite fashionable. You bring people baskets of goodies when they are feeling down. You are attracted to woodsmen."

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( Mar. 4th, 2009 03:58 pm)
La Sorbonne ou l'université Denis Diderot, c'est la question! The former sounds better, of course, for it's a well-known name. The latter on the other hand offers a master on "Identité, alterité" with quite an interest seeming programme. YES ! I'm thinking of studying in PARIS. I just don't know where.
To make matters more complicated there are different professors responsible for nominating Erasmus out-going canditates, so I don't know whether it's better to apply for both things or to settle for one. GAH! Desicions! 

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( Jan. 12th, 2009 07:02 pm)
Now, that's fun: My internet lets me open a handful of sites, but most of the time I only get error messages. This has been going on for days! I can use my mails and LiveJournal (although some links don't work, I can't visit all my friend's pages), the uni homepage, Facebook and similar things I would be very annoyed not to be able to connect to, but not more. Bizarre bizzare.  It make's no sense.
I uploaded the best of Berlin pics to Facebook & co but wanted to share some here as well, especially my beloved photographs of Potsdam/Sansouci :)

Berlin Berlin )



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