I uploaded the best of Berlin pics to Facebook & co but wanted to share some here as well, especially my beloved photographs of Potsdam/Sansouci :)

Berlin Berlin )

I 've just returned from my trip to Croatia.  I spent the last week sitting on the apartment's terrace with sea-view and lying around on the beach, swimming and reading.

Tom Ripley here, Tom Ripley there, I kept my father up with the story of the first Ripley novel. And Tom Ripley slept in a car once, I said, so it doesn't matter if we sleep in the car the night we board the ferry.

And I have new proof that the world is indeed very small.
jagodasladoled: (alec s.)
( Jul. 22nd, 2008 09:02 am)
Tonight I am travelling to Sweden!  My mother and I will take the night train to Munich and then head to Rostok where we will take the ferry to Trelleborg. From there, we will explore the South of Sweden by car. So that means we won't visit Stockholm, unfortunately, but hej!, I'm very excited, nevertheless! 


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