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( Mar. 31st, 2008 09:52 pm)
"Maurice" is on ARTE tonight!  And I already realized it never fails to make me happy.

I thought I'd tape it in French, but then I realized they are showing it in German as well, and not, as I had previously thought in the original version (that I have seen twice, so far, and all the drool-worthy scenes several times on YouTube).
So now I kept switching from French to German, French being a lot nicer, and wonder in what language I should watch the Maurice and Alec scenes... Probably in French and then tape the film in German when it airs again in two weeks...

Well, yeah, so I still am obsessed with the book and the film! And own neither myself, so far.
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( Feb. 17th, 2008 12:04 pm)
I'm back from a nice skiing week in South Tyrolia, Italy, where it was always sunny. The week went by very quickly. But being back home is not bad, either. I momentarily enjoy being on my own,  spending my time reading Christopher Isherwoods   "Lions and Shadows" , which I find delightful, and  watching Torchwood episodes, my  most recent TV - love. I'm really not up for much more, but yesterday I watched a Japanese film at the film museum and this afternoon I'm thinking of going to an exhibition of Lucien Clergue, for it's the last day.
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( Nov. 17th, 2007 05:09 pm)
The past two days while reading the novel "Maurice"  written by E.M. Forster I on one hand couldn't wait to find out what would happen in it,  but then again I  wanted to absorb every line, every sencence of the book.
I found myself re-reading passages, something I normally don't  do,  always dreading to go on with the reading when situations just seemed perfect,  but too curious to allow longer pauses before going on.

Now, having finished the book this afternoon, I count it to my favourite novels (others might be Les Liaisons Dangereuses by Choderlos de Laclos and works by Arthur Schnitzler and tales by E.T.A Hoffmann...) and I regret not to be able to read it again without knowing the storyline.

Now I warned myself to look up the movie on the net to catch a glimpse of when it was done and who the actors are,  because  I didn't want to know it yet as I wanted to keep my personal images in my mind a little longer, at least for a few days or even only this evening.  (Saying that, I must admit that some characters stayed rather blurred, especially I couldn't quite get  hold of Maurice, whereas Clive was easier to imagine-)
BUT: Of course I did look it up and found out that Clive was portrayed by Hugh Grand, which struck me with delight (I haven't been thinking of him while reading, as I hardly think of actors when reading a book) but the visual image I had of the character really matched young Hugh Grant.
The disappointment came when I saw the actor of Maurice: Bright blonde hair whereas he is described several times (! ) in the novel as dark and just a lot different from the actor that portrays him...
Alec on the other hand seems perfect again and a video I watched on youtube made me like the setting and the casting of the other characters. That seems fatal to me ! Everything might be perfect but he main part...  that's annoying me right at the moment, but I will have a shot at the film as soon as I can get hold of it.

Now, after having seen the film, I'm at peace with the casting. Rupert Graves as Alec Scudder is especially great, but James Wilby as Maurice was a good choice after all,  because he does a very good job!

Anyway: Reading "Maurice"  was an emotional up- and down I would have wished to prolong.
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( Aug. 30th, 2007 10:02 am)
Grey sky and waters.
This morning makes me think of rainy days in New York City.
I'd love such weather, which is in my opinion perfectly for going to the cinema or else stay at home with cups of tea and various books, wouldn't I feel ill, although much better than the days before.
But I don't want to complain, actually, for once I don't.
After a long day at university  followed by one of my mother's friend's reading I just came home and when I opened the door to my room I thought I had forgotten to turn off the lights when I left this  morning, because it just was so bright, but it was the golden evening light streaming through the windows, enlighting the room in a very beautiful way.

I currently have a lot of work to do for various courses, but before I start with that I decided to write a bit down what I have been up to these days, which actually wasn't very much, just some emotional ups and downs.

When I came back to Vienna after my trip to New York City the day of my arrival (a wednesday) was absolutely okay (despite already missing NYC) and I was struck by Vienna's prettiness. Everything was in full bloom, in my garden and the city itselft . Especially the big chestnut trees make spring in Vienna a reallly nice time. The air smelled wonderful.  That day, I met a friend, attended a lecture and eventually went to sleep. It was from the next day onward that I started feeling, well, how can I say, ...uncomfortable? awkward? uneasy? All of that, I guess, most of all just exhausted. All I craved for the following days was to sleep. And I did sleep an incredible lot, even after hours of sleep I had always to force myself to get up, and if I was up I was tired, anyway. I never was awake these days. The days went by without me doing anything, I didn't profit of these  sunny spring day.
Then, yesterday, when I exited university into the sun in the afternoon, from one second to another I was feeling normal again. Still a bit tired, but for the first time in days I could think of other things I would like to do rather than to sleep.
I got myself some free tickets for a yiddish theatre and rememberd how exatcly the week before I got a free scoop of Ben&Jerry's Ice Cream in New York  because they had a Free Cone Day. I like getting presents (or stuff for free, but presents do sound nicer, I think).

I felt a  bit under pressure that afternoon and evening and still do because of the homeworks, but at least the main exhaustion, the big fatigue,  was gone . And apart from that I would feel fine right now, apart from that and the heartache that suddenly took over me, squeezing my stomach and making my heart pound faster. Feelings that I thought to have gone (or at least hid) away suddenly came back with such an intensity, feelings that are beyond reason and today they came without a reason because I haven't seen him for quite a long time... : I avoided seeing that guy I long for, not really on purpose, but maybe a bit. I never went the same way he showed me to the classroom, telling myself I'm trying out all different paths to get to know at last which one would be the best. I think I  stopped idealizing him without any limit, like I did all these past months, because I don't know him and he may not be worth all my affection, that's what I think but I'm still crazy for him.
I could go on about this forever right now, about how my rational mind so seperates itself from my body and longings, but I really better get things going that I need to do tonight.

And I don't know what to do with my LiveJournal. I feel stupid having an account for german and one for  english blogging and never updating regulary. If I want to keep going I better should choose one and put the other to rest. But decicions are not my thing, you know.

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( Jan. 14th, 2007 10:43 pm)

Browsing through old computer files I just found a text I wrote for school more than four years ago: It was a homework assigned by that mean english teacher who kept telling me constantly how bad my English was and
who I had to endure for two years,
The task was to write a letter in the charakter of a boy / girl living in Victorian times, working as a domestic servant. Happily, that for once the task was a  more or less creative one, I was very motivated. 

The teacher handed the five-paper text back to me with a sly (or was it more a sour?) smile on her face and the words that I would be in serious trouble if I kept on writing such long homeworks. (O-Ton: Wenn du es dir mit mir verscherzen willst, schreib weiterhin so lange Hausaufgaben)

Anyway, I liked it and typed it so I wouldn't loose it, and now it was funny to reread it. It  hasn't got an outstanding original plot, I know, but I somehow I think it's nice (&stupid. But nice:)  
And in a way I've got the impression that my written english was way better then than it is now...
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( Nov. 21st, 2006 12:27 am)

Watching TV makes me happy these days. 
(And I want to see "Marry Poppins" again.)
Getting more sleep would be nice. 
And finding new dresses and skirts. 
I wished I wouldn't have to go to university tomorrow. 
And absolutely not having a three hoir choir rehearsal in the evening.

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( Oct. 19th, 2006 11:55 pm)
That was what I said to my new notebook when I opened its display cover for the first time ever!
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( Oct. 2nd, 2006 09:23 pm)
Today I fell in love with Ildebrando D'Arcancelo (though I always liked him a lot), and found out that in January he will perform in Vienna! Together with Elina Garanca he will be in Mozart's "Cosi Fàn Tutte". &Garanca sings many parts that first month in 2007, what a joy! 

(D'arcangelo as Figaro)
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( Sep. 27th, 2006 08:40 pm)
If I ever do a promotion job someone shoot me. fast. today i went to university and just you can't go in without being spoken to by people who try to get you to sign this or do that and today it was girls who tried to convince me that it was super to spend your days on the street talking people into joining various organisations and stuff. I gave them my number and they said they would call me, BUT: ugh, no way i'm going to do that. I think i'd rather work in a super-market (what I wouldn't like as well.)

Anyway, after a week in Florence I'm in Vienna again. And wished I was not. It was nice learning and talking Italian. Even my dreams were in Italian when I was there (only that in my dreams it was more like an italian-version of French or so. I don't know.)
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( Sep. 15th, 2006 07:51 pm)
I should better be happy now. And pack.
I hope I'll have a good time in Florence and actually learn a bit Italian.
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( Aug. 30th, 2006 02:20 pm)
In the past few days I'm spending most of my times reading. I finished "A Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood and read the recently bought  Reclam editions of Schnitzler's "Anatol",  Fairy tales by Wilhelm Hauff  and  "Don Juan and Faust" by an author I've never heard of (who's called Christian Dietrich Grabbe). I now started to love these (yellow) little books which you can purchase so cheaply. Used to hate  dislike them because they always seemed so unattractive to me.

At the moment I'm reading "Love" by Susanna Tamaro, an Italian writer.  My mother gave it to me and it contains various stories. & Oh, there are so many sick things happening in those. I wasn't quite expecting that. But she seems to be a good writer, I think.
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( Aug. 12th, 2006 09:12 pm)
too lazy to pack. and it's freezing cold these days, should i even prepare for warmer weather?
so long i was looking forward to this week that now i'm afraid i might be dissapointed. but how could i, on the other hand? i mean, it's all abouth singing with hell a lot of people, and apart from that only food and sleep.
i love singing in a choir, and being able to do that the whole day a whole week should really REALLY make me happy.
but i'm afraid that when singing paueses i'm going to feel lonely again, and that is horrible i can tell you, feeling lonely within a huge, merry crowd.

&today i got a new haircut. i feel kinda weird, hadn't my hair so short for a very long time.
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( Jul. 21st, 2006 12:32 am)
*fucking funny story (I think):
I have some Americans stay at my house that are so wonderfui  and enchanting, that old ladies who have met them on the public transport are tracking them down.

No kidding, I swear. But actually it was only one lady, who rang probably at each house on my street to find out where they stayed, but had no luck since we were out. She had bought them city maps and stuff to give to them because they were so lovely&awesome.
I might have to add that actually she helped them figure out the way to my house,  giving them directions, and not
them who did something for her.

But I agree, I agree, they are probably some of the coolest people I've ever met.
Tomorrow they're leaving, but I had so much fun having them stay at my house and showing them around Vienna.

Next entry will probably a picture spammage of photos taken in the last few days.

(and by the way, a neighbour across the street to whom i never really talk  to called me on the phone and told me the story of the lady, and I couldn't stop laughing, no I couldn't)

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( Jun. 17th, 2006 12:35 pm)
Es ist vorbei. NO MORE SCHOOL. Nie mehr Schule.

Yesterday I had my final oral exams... Now I'm done with school. Everything worked out, only the song I sung at the end of the day didn't, which made me very depressed. Of course the singing wasn't part of the exam so it actually doesn't matter, but I really rehearsed it a lot together with a class mate who accompagnied me on the piano, and so i really wished it would have worked out. A stupid easy little song, actually a choir peace, and I sung so damn badly, mainly because I was very exhausted and unable to concentrate. NOW I'M VERY ANGRY WITH MYSELF.

The exams were very good. And even funny, sometimes. I got a lot of compliments for my french, that made me happy, and very nice  remarks when at last at the very end the results were announced. Since I was the only one that didn't graduate with an excellent success because of maths, the chairwoman who read out the results said some nice things to me whereas she only congratulated the others for  their marks.

So that was it!
Now I'm rather depressed, because somehow I don't want this all to be over.
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( May. 29th, 2006 05:55 pm)

I figured out how to do quite nice colouring with psp, downloaded a lot of pics of actresses and voilà...teh results: 

[3x]Scarlett Johansson
[5x]Rachel Weisz
[4x]Natalie Portman
[4x]Kristen Bell


See More )


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( Apr. 22nd, 2006 11:01 pm)
Actually I scribbled the following entry on a paper yesterday while babysitting the sleeping neighbour's kids and wanted to post it afterwards, but I was way too tired and directly went to bed when coming home. So now I'm going to type what I wanted to write yesterday: 

First of all, I've got tickets for the performance of Roméo and Juliette at the Staatsoper with ANNA NETREBKO and ROLANDO VILLAZÓN. 

2. while spending the night at the ticket office waiting for it to open I met cool australian conductor Jen and Irish ex-diplomate Oliver, a huge opera fan and very (!) funny. They were awesome, really. 

3. I didn't sleep all night but for an hour and went to school the next day, feeling hyper and looking like a zombie. 

4. All people I talked to at school must think now I'm completely nuts, but for once they really listened to me, while I talked. (Some even seemed quite impressed by what I did)

5. I had a very nice chat with my french teacher outside the classroom, until Anna, a classmate came out and, telling the teacher angrily that the lesson should have already started. 
So she had to go into the classroom, while I went home. On my way I felt the sudden urge to run back and attend french class, although the lessons used to be very boring this year. But somehow I really felt guilty NOT going there, although my teacher said I didn't need to come.  


I mean, WTF? How do I deserve this? How can I ever ever thank her? I couldn't even call her until now. Wouldn't know what to tell her- I'm planning to write her a letter/postcard and then call her - either that or I will phone her tomorrow and send a card afterwards. I still can't believe it.

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( Apr. 19th, 2006 10:44 pm)
I recently rediscovered what fun icon-making is. I love it. And I don't really care about the motive as long it is a beautiful and or interesting picture that inspires me. (Somehow the icon loses all quality as soon as I save it as .jpeg. I'll try to fix the problem and repost the icons, then) 


1.2. 3.  

1.2.  3.  5.
6.7.  8.  9.

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( Mar. 11th, 2006 11:41 pm)
I wonder why I never really write personal stuff down here at live journal. Things that really bother me. My entries always turn out to be so random, that I feel after wards I have wasted my time writing them. Even if it was fun to do.
Yeah, I have my diary for  all the things I feel I cannot say openly, or just don't want to, but I'm talking about things that aren't exactly secret. 
Because the problem with writing by hand in my diary is, that my mind is far too fast for writing my thoughts down (at the computer it's easier, I type faster that I write) and then again my entries turn out so different from how I wanted them to be. 

But still, it's relieving. Writing diary is very relieving. 

And, Ah, I wished I could write stories. But I never ever could make up a story that contained  a proper beginning, a middle and an end. 
All I can think of are very short fragments, that when I have written them down don't mean anything. Damn. 
I don't even have a good writing style, so the best thing would be to leave it, but then, from time to time, I have the feeling i have to write. It doesn't happen very often though, which is good, because I never came up with something interesting.

 It is thrilling hurrying to the backstage entrance before the beginning of the show while people who are gonna see the show are meeting up in front of the regular entry. It makes you feel special, in a way, even only for a few seconds.  But that's probably the highlight of my job working as an extra for a dance production these days.  Giuliana, a class mate hired most of my class as extras for her father's show that premiered yesterday, and also takes place today &  tomorrow evening. 

What is irritating that nobody has the slightest idea what we are there for. We actually don't do anything but waste our time. (And that's was quite an awful lot of time we spend there, in a room, waiting for our appearance) Our apperance doens't make sense and never did, even we never did the same thing twice but always different stuff. We never know what to do, and nobody is certain if we do the same thing as yesterday.

And I didn't get to see & hear anything of the show, which is sad, because I imagine it must be pretty good, from what  I  can see on the black&white monitor.

 And, oh, It's called Mozart-two-6. So now I'm officially participating at the Viennese Mozart Year 2006. Ahem.